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Mossberg 500 Tactical Turkey, 12 Gauge, Realtree® Hardwoods® HD Green, 20 inch Ported BarrelThe SCAR 17S is chambered in .308 Win./7.62x51 mm NATO, making it larger and more powerful than the previously available SCAR 16S.The much anticipated Super Vinci is designed to handle 3 1/2-inch Magnum loads. At the heart of the Super Vinci is the In-Line Inertia Driven® system, designed to reliably chamber light 2 3/4-inch loads up through the most powerful 3 1/2-inch Magnums.Rock River Arms Elite Operator-2.
Caliber:5.56mm NATO Chamber for 5.56 & 223 Cal
Upper Receiver: Forged A4
Barrel: 16inch Chrome Moly, 1:9 Twist
Muzzle Device: RRA Tactical Muzzle Brake
Gas Block: RRA Flip Front Sight Gas Block Assembly

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Current Silhouette League Scores:

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week4 WEEK 5 WEEK6 WEEK 7 WEEK 8 WEEK 9
Sean D. 443/ 4X 448/5x 471/13x 492/18x 447/5x 425/4x 476/5X 444/3x 436/6x
Robert McD. 404/ 3X 463/6x 480/17x 486/15x 475/7x 463/7x 466/14 478/21x 478/11x
Robert R. 354/5X 400/4x 373/6x 406/5x 304/1x 299/0x 391/5x
Brian K. 393/4x 466/8x 476/11x 427/5x 401/2x 448/5x 481/24X 485/19x 468/7x
Ethan R. 361/ 0X 398/7x 421/12x 433/2x 253/3x 250/0x 183/0x 307/1X 317/3x
Patrick R. 417/6x 403/5x 428/4x 431/6x 350/7x 413/3x 414/4x 446/7X 407/4x
Rebecca W. 275/1x 300/ 1x 371/5x 286/1x 234/1x 135/1x 306/2x 392/5x 392/1x
Deborah B. 402/ 6X 470/13x 460/3x 435/3x 387/4x 403/2x 415/4X 443/4x 347/4x
Sue McG. 401/ 2X 411/4x 426/6x 342/3x 348/2x 306/2x 259/0x 267/3X
Roger P. 438/7x 440/8x 466/9x 434/3x 431/7x 422/2x 438/3X 442/6x 422/8x
Bruce P. 443/10x 466/11x 484/12x 473/13x 430/5x 450/4x 448/4X 468/11X 444/6x
Richard U. 418/7x 395/3x 402/7x 372/3x 345/1x 393/5X 335/3X 368/2x
Nicole U. 281/4x 291/ 0x 345/3x 375/2x 266/2x 238/2x 344/4X 340/3X
Francene S. 325/1x 336/3x 408/5x 335/3x 164/1x 164/2x 265/1X 311/4X 235/0x
Katherine C. 226/0x 210/2x 294/2x 268/1x 97/0x 114/0x 126/0x 138/2X 124/0x
Linda R. 146/1x
Theresa F. 371/4x 294/1x 462/4x
Kathryn S. 455/10x 454/9x 459/7x 461/10x 413/8x 453/5x 440/4X 445/10X 397/3x
Bruce S. 486/21x 492/18x 489/25x 482/12x 460/5x 488/20x 488/15X 497/27X 485/11x
Teri S. 303/0x 362/1x 320/1x 420/5x 157/0x 430/1x 314/3x 354/1x 234/0x