Accurate Range:

Guns available to rent

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BROWNING BUCKMARK 22, BROWNING CAMPER 22, RUGER MARK II 0.22, RUGER SR22, ROCK ISLAND 1911 22TCM, WALTHER P22 22, SMITH&WESSON MP 22, Taurus Judge 410/45lc, Ruger Sr45 45acp, ruger p95 9mm, Taurus Tracker 0.22, Sig Sauer¬† 1911 22, FHN fnp 45, Springfield XDM 40, Ruger sr1911 45, SAR b6 9mm, Sig Sauer 226 e2 0.4, Beretta m9 commercial 9mm, HK USP 40, American Tactical 1991 45, Sig Sauer 1991 45, Kimber Solo 9mm, Kimber STS Ultra Carry 2 45, Kimber ss pro Carry 2 45…Click here to see a complete list of available handguns

Accurate Firearms Products:

Shooting Gear

Holsters, shooting mats, gun cases, tactical vests and other gear to keep you secure and supply your storage and transportation needs including concealed carry.

Long Guns


Accurate Firearms carries long rifles from Smith & Wesson, Bushmaster, Colt, Mossberg and many others.  We have everything you can imagine all in one store.

Hand Guns


Accurate Firearms offers handguns for Home and Business protection, concealed sidearms and the expertise to make sure you make the right purchase for your needs.






Ammunition by only famous brands such as Winchester, Hornady, Remington, American Eagle, PMC and Federal